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matrix_hack [userpic]
by matrix_hack (matrix_hack)
at October 18th, 2011 (08:43 pm)

Hello, this is for my b-day so be generous! Ok, I'm looking for a link to the old files of hanson erotica, or whatever you might have, I remember there was a place of old fiction.
Also, I read a story there which was quite popular among the fans. To make a long story short; tay and zac were involved and their family found out so they send zac away and after many complications with bob moffat (or whatever his name is, he was zac's best friend in the story) zac meets a guy named warren and he's about to marry him in san francisco, in the middle of the story I remember Ike and tay being involve with jhonny lang as well and the beginning was, I think, that tay and zac had trios with random girls 'cause zac was waiting to give himself to taylor in the right time so...and I know it's too random but I don't even remember the name of the story...anyway if someone has the link or have old stories saved that'd be awesome!!!

ahopper84 [userpic]
hanfic update
by ahopper84 (ahopper84)
at September 19th, 2011 (09:30 pm)

Just keeping you posted (no pun intended). Chapter 14 of LGitHP is up, as is Chapter 2 of If They Only Knew. I would really love more comments; because my stories are unlocked, I don't really have a way of knowing how many people are reading them... comments make me feel loved! Anywho, hope you're enjoying!


ahopper84 [userpic]
new zaylor story
by ahopper84 (ahopper84)
at September 14th, 2011 (09:12 pm)

so i posted chapter 1 of "If They Only Knew", a new Zaylor story.
Title: If They Only Knew
Rating: NC-17 for safety, but not every chapter will be that graphic.
Pairings: Zac/OMC, eventually Zaylor. Eventually.
POV: Zac (this is gonna be so much fun!)
Warnings: Slash, eventual incest, and all the yummy dirtiness that does along. If anything unusual pops up (besides the obvious) I'll let you know.
Note:This is not AU, well it is in the sense that this is fiction. But the guys are all married with kids, just like in the really real world. I might even include canon events and dialogue, who knows.

hope u guys enjoy!

ahopper84 [userpic]
forgot to post here - dirty zaylor friday!
by ahopper84 (ahopper84)
at September 13th, 2011 (01:46 am)

Ok, i TOTALLY forgot to plug my DZF story here! Click the name to find it! Hope yall enjoy!

P, L, & BPM!

ahopper84 [userpic]
two pieces of ficcy goodness!
by ahopper84 (ahopper84)
at September 13th, 2011 (01:44 am)

LGitHP chapter 12, AND "If They Only Knew," a one-shot/prologue! the one-shot/prologue is a little something i whipped up today... i wrote it as a one-shot, but realized it could also work as a prologue. Read it, and let me know what you think!

P, L, & BPM!

We both used each other underneath the covers. [userpic]
In Like A Substitute, 1/1
by We both used each other underneath the covers. (heartturnsblue)
at July 3rd, 2011 (03:56 pm)

My first Hanson/Kings of Leon slash! Enjoy :)

Title: In Like A Substitute
Word Count: 1839
Pairing: Zac/Jared Followill, with hints of Zaylor and even more subtle hints of Jared/Matt
Rating: R/NC17
Warning: Drugs and alcohol, gay sex, and implied incest
Summary: When Zac and Taylor are on the out again, Zac makes a new friend who tries to help him forget.
Excerpt: The voice has a southern twang to it, and Zac turns to find the source of it. A thin boy in tight pants with impossibly blue eyes stands there, giving him half a smile.

click here to read

Misery Chastain [userpic]
Hanson FanFiction Official Opening
by Misery Chastain (miseryschyld)
at March 7th, 2011 (02:25 pm)

Announcing the Official Opening of the Hanson FanFiction Archive

Details WithinCollapse )

Rachel [userpic]
In His Hands
by Rachel (rachie_grl6)
at January 14th, 2011 (01:26 am)

Title: In His Hands
Author: rachie_grl6
Rating: R
Characters: Taylor, Zac, Juli (OFC)
Pairing: Taylor/Juli (eventual Zaylor)
POV: Taylor, some 3rd person
About: Zac and Taylor meet by chance and something Zac is holding on to ends up in Taylor's possession. Hopefully the information it contains never falls into the wrong hands...

*** Contains Hancest. If this isn't your thing, don't read it. ***

This is my NaNoWriMo 2011 attempt finally being edited and posted. You must friend me to read! I will add as long as you comment on the Friend's Only post here: CLICK ME

juliadoty [userpic]
Daddy, Dearest
by juliadoty (juliadoty)
at January 13th, 2011 (04:13 am)


Daddy, Dearest
Chapter Word Count:
Genre: Slash/Hanson/Hancest/Zaylor/
Rating: Cursing
Summary: And a baby makes three
Chapter Summary…““Zac, there’s something you need to know about me.”
The way he said it sounded serious. Scary. It had a certain tone to it that made me feel like I was suddenly thrust into the deep center of a Hollywood thriller. A chill ran up my spine, for what, I didn’t know, but it did."…

POV: Zac

Here's the first chapter for you, If the links to the other chapters don't work, rest assured you can access them from my 'memories' section =^^= Enjoy!

Daddy, Dearest - Chapter 1

Sarah Irene [userpic]
"4 o'clock till 9" Interest? Post
by Sarah Irene (forgottenhall)
at October 12th, 2010 (10:41 am)

Hi guys...

I've had an idea sitting in my head for quite some time regarding a fanfic writing challenge/event. Titled "4 o'clock till 9" (or at least, based on that idea from the "Love Somebody to Know" lyric) it would be a 5 hour writing challenge, where fan fic writers get together and write separately (or paired, groups etc) and just push out as many words as they can.


*5 hours, 4-9 based on time zone of the majority of writers or a set time
*Monthly, bimonthly, etc?
*Prompts provided, challenge words, ideas, etc in a post that writers can take from if inspiration is needed
*ALL GENRES AND PAIRINGS WELCOME, straight, slash, cest, horror, romance, anything

What sets it apart? Well.. I'd like to have an ongoing AIM conversation going as it is happening, or MSN, whatever to keep the writers 'connected'. Also, I'm willing to have a prize. $10-$15 value excluding shipping, provided by me. Either based on word count or a vote on "best story". I'd also like to make banners for all participants and maybe as runner up prizes as well.

So basically, who would be interested in participating in this? No date set yet, you can provide feedback as to when is good for you... I'll make a community if I get enough interest. Just comment or message me! :)

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